Mansfield Farm Project

Thank you for your interest and willingness to participate in other Mansfield Farm Project. 
A bit of history about me...
My husband and I moved to Mansfield from Melbourne in July 2017.  Prior to purchasing our home I had been to Mansfield twice - once for coffee on the way through to Mt Buller a decade prior and once when we viewed our home. This impulsive 'tree change' threw me outside my comfort zone with no friends or family in the region and never having lived or spent any time in the country.  
Since then I have adjusted to life in the country, have re established my photography studio in Mansfield and have met some wonderful people.   As I go about my travels however I realise I know very little about the properties surrounding me. Overnight cattle or sheep appear in paddocks previously empty, crops spring from the ground, farming equipment appears and the colours of the landscape change.  
The overall aims of the project is to 
 - Photographically represent farm life in the Mansfield Shire
 - To increase my understanding and that of the local population and visitors to the Shire of farming in the area
 - To exhibit selected images at the conclusion of the project
What is the Mansfield Farm Project?
Sandra from Sandra Lee Photography (SLP) will select three farms to photograph over a 12 month period. Each farm will be attended at least four times to capture the various key activities throughout the year.  We are looking for three very different farms to photograph and selection will be based on size (big or small), type of farming activity and location.  The project is a significant undertaking for SLP and will be heavily reliant on good co-operation and communication between farm owners and SLP.  While no specific images can be guaranteed and each farm will be different you can expect a wide range of subject matter that may include landscapes, environmental portraiture, stock/crops, farm life, machinery, family, details etc. 
At the conclusion of the project the farm owner will be presented with a 10 x 10 inch fine art album (10 spreads/20pages) to keep as a snap shot in time of their farm that will be enjoyed for generations to come.
So how does it work?
1. Interested participants fill in the details below
2. At the conclusion of the promotion Sandra will look at the applications and decide which farms will be short listed to participate in the project  
3. Once short listed Sandra will attend the farms and have a conversation with the owners.
4. Applicants will then be notified whether they are successful or not (note: the decision as to which farms are selected is solely at the discretion of SLP and no correspondence shall be entered into)
If you are not the owner of the property it does not preclude you from participating - we will just need to ensure we have the appropriate permissions.
I understand that if I am chosen as one of the 3 farms for the Mansfield Farm Project that I agree to the following:
That images taken as part of the farm project remain the copyright of SLP 
That the images may be used by SLP to promote the project and to advertise SLP on social media, website, print media and/or television 
That I liaise with SLP throughout a 12 month period to ensure we are advised of and are able to photograph key activities that take place
That we participate in interviews about our farm and our family as it relates to our farm and agree that this information may be published for the purpose of the project.
That the images may be submitted by Sandra to the state and national professional photography awards
That selected images may be used for an exhibition of images from the project
That the images may be sold by SLP and that I am not entitled to proceeds of any sale
In return for participating in the project SLP will supply a 10 x 10 inch fine art album to the farm. The images included will be selected by SLP. Additional images and products will be made available for sale at 15% off the current price list.

Thank you for contacting us!

Thank you for your interest in our Mansfield Farm Project and for taking the time to complete the online application.  Expressions of interest will close on 15th March after which time you will be contacted.