How to help your photographer achieve the best results on your wedding day.

a) Participate in the complimentary Engagement 'E' Photo Session.  This is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and to feel comfortable in front of the camera.  It also provides the opportunity to ask any questions and alleviate any concerns you may have.

b) Communicate your needs to the photographer.  If you want a photograph with a special Aunt or friend or any other request make sure you let your photographer know before the day.

c)  Group photos - your photographer should take photos of the bridal party as a group but family photos/other group photos need to be planned.  At least two weeks before the wedding day provide your photographer with a list of group photos required.  The people named in the group photos should be told before the day so they don't disappear to the car, for a drink etc.  We don't want to be sending out a search party for them.  Try not to go overboard with group photos.  We need to allow about three minutes for each group shot so 10 shots could take 30 minutes.

d) Location shots - if you would like a variety of locations to be featured in your wedding album allow at least 30 minutes per location. Don't forget to add travel time between locations! 

e) Have a wet weather contingency plan.  Some of the most beautiful wedding photography has been captured in the rain but you don't want all your images with umbrellas and gumboots!  Make sure your have an alternative for outdoor ceremonies and undercover options for formal and creative images.

f) TIMING!!!  This is perhaps the most crucial element in ensuring your photographer has enough time to get the images you always dreamed of.  More importantly you want to enjoy your wedding day and not feel rushed because the makeup artist took longer than expected or the limo didn't arrive on time. Ultimately if one element of your day runs behind schedule the photography is what's compromised.  If you need to tell your florist the flowers are required 20 minutes earlier than they actually are to get them there on time then do it. Professional photography is a big investment and you want to make sure your photographer can achieve the results you are looking for.  At Sandra Lee Photography we provide you with a timeline to assist in making sure your day runs smoothly.